Four Stages For Men to Become Multi-Orgasmic

1. Learning to last longer is all about relaxing your body with no expectations.

2. Stopping ejaculation to regengerate your personal charge. Learning to move energy. Can you feel the vibration moving throughout your body? When you start to be aware of energy moving throughout your body a...


My entire life is the the art of sensual living which has chased me down and ran me off of roads to show me that Tantra is who I am.

My soul purpose and healing art is to educate and awaken as many people as I can to live the true essence of Tantra. Where are living in times where the mas...

Sacred Intimacy

What really is sacred intimacy?

Thers is a deep human need to be touched and I have seen so many unhappy clients with their relationships or ending them for lack of intimacy. It doesnt have to be that way. We need to do the work to show up in our own bodies for ouselves so that we can exp...

Beyond Rejection and Engulfment

We all yearn for love and connection with others, a deep yearning that reflects a basic, biological human need. Science shows that infants thrive physically only when deeply loved and touched consistenly through consciences present love in development years. A mother actuall releases a chenical i...

Let's Talk Sugar

Sugar babies do not sell services. We are the ultimate way to experience a relationship with mutual needs. I know what I want and so do you.

I want a real connection with every man I date. I want you to show me your world,your fears,your mind, your power, your life experiences and your fi...

Four Top Qualites of an Evolved Sexy MAN

An emotionally grounded man is sexy. No that doesnt mean you are submissive. This isnt about kink or fetish. When a man is able to let his gaurd down and drop into his real feelings about life, his passion and the women he is choosing to be intimate with. That is sexy. I remember spending time wi...

Urban Kama Sutra For Men

Wait why are you not a Kama Sutra Man? If you really knew what women wanted in the bedroom you would be blown away what kind of pleasure she can have and if you are a man who gets more turned on by giving women pleaasure. This is for you. If you are only concerned about your own needs and pleasur...

A New Ancient Goddess

There is a shift happening and you can feel it. As the inner divine masculine and the feminine stabalizes, there is seemingly unusual breed of women coming to light. I say unsual because society is afraid of her but she has always been here, she's actually quite usual and quite delightful. I am h...

The Jade Egg

Are you looking for a really sexy valentines day present that will entice your lover and improve your sex life? Ofcourse you are. The Jade Egg. Wtf??? Is a Jade egg? Jade Eggs serve as a key tool to awakening and cultivating her sexual energy. Her life will dramtically change after just a few sho...

The Sacred Intimate

Sacred Intimates are professionals who help others access the joy and power of energy. Its a career and calling. We teach technologies of ectasy. We are guides and are catalysts. It is our spiritual path to awaken the world one person at a time, to cherish our clients souls we guide them to expan...

Tantra Taste Tester

Its the weekend. Who are you seducing this weekend? 

Here is a little tantra taster recipe to get all the juices flowing and clean up the dirty.

The Sexy Colada...

This drink will suprise you,it effects are lengendary around the world. Do not serve this to someone unl...

That Sacral Chakra

I read alot and I study alot. It fuels me up to understand the human body and the human mind. I have been known to read a 20 chapter book in one day, and I don't speed read. I read with intention and embrace every word. The crazy thing is I remember every single word in the book forever. I also r...

Tantra Bath Ritual

In a temple of sensual connection, and renewal. The lush green plants of the bathroom sparkled in the sunlight. The faint smell of jasmine drifted in the air as it lingered from my skin, as we walked through the door to paradise of pleasure and possibility. He stood before me,open to receive the ...

Seven Steps to Get More Intimacy in Your Relationship

We all want to be touched in a way that allows us to fully feel our sensations and emotions in a safe and loving space. The slower you go,the more you feel. This exercise is not about leading to or ending in sex, but holding that space for eachother and touching each other in a way that will help...

Association of Sexological Bodyworkers

I am super excitied to be accepted into this program and to begin this journey with all of my lovely clients.

You can read more about Sexological Bodyworkers and how it is an extension of Tantra in the modern world under specials on this website. I am going to be working with Betty Martin...

Awakening his Shakti

Shakti is life force.

It is universal principle.

Very often Shakti is in a more specific way to define feminine qualities.

It is in that way that I will use it this post...

Shakti is what a man looks for when he engages in connecting with a women. When he wants to ...

The Millionaires Mistress

The Millionaire Mistress



I remember the first time I met him. It was a shitty hotel but for some reason there was a bunch of stuff going on in town and last minute I grabbed this ok not so ok hotel. It was one of those hotels that you must go down and get the...

The Married Man

What is is about married men?

Is it that they are unavailable? So they seem safe. Is it that they are so lacking of desire that they are incredibly attentive.

Is it that they are so wounded that we are drawn to resuce them? I think its all of it. I believe when a married man ventu...

Benefits of seeing a Tantra Companion

When you are looking to book a companion to spend time with. You proably have your favorite type of women already in mind. She's blonde,she's asian, she's tall,busty etc, or african american. Whatever it is something draws you to her as a fantasy that possibly you have never experienced. You are ...