Awakening his Shakti

Shakti is life force.

It is universal principle.

Very often Shakti is in a more specific way to define feminine qualities.

It is in that way that I will use it this post...

Shakti is what a man looks for when he engages in connecting with a women. When he wants to experience he femininity inside of him. He wants to merge with her mind so that the shakti she gives you is a direct inner experience in you.

When he makes love, he wants to experience the play energies in him. This sensation triggers are chain biochemical reactions in his brain and body. These are happening right in his being. Within the tantric tradition, Shakti is life force.

She is Goddess! She is consort of Shiva.

A women will be the messanger for Shakti so that a man canexperiencethis energy in him. Shakti triggers pleasure,delight,beauty,harmony and freedom. 

When he touches her skin, when he feels aroused by her presence, its is because her Shakti force impacts his being.

He feels an opening. Opening to who true masculity that is his life force. Awe The Shakti...

Not everyone is ready to experience this level of bliss but for those who are. The journey is so sweet.

Kimilla xo