Benefits of seeing a Tantra Companion

When you are looking to book a companion to spend time with. You proably have your favorite type of women already in mind. She's blonde,she's asian, she's tall,busty etc, or african american. Whatever it is something draws you to her as a fantasy that possibly you have never experienced. You are looking for outward appearance, because as we know men are visual. But what if you could have a deeper experience that could deepen your life and took away the guilt of all your masculine desires then you could take that back into your life as a better man?

As a tantra companion, I totally understand that men feel deep guilt and shame when hiring someone to spend time with even though we know this can be a healing encounter that leaves out the headache of mundane relationships at bay. When you connect with a women who embraces the essence of her divine feminine power and lets you be the powerful man you are with no judgement. You begin to let your guard and relax in the present moment of who you are. 

You deserve to spend time being adored.I hope you know that before chirstanity that the world very much accepted the paramour, the temple maiden,the concubine, the mistress and the whore as a place of sacred sexuality ,healing .transformation and love. Let go of your guilt and spend your time with a conscious women to enlighten and enliven your life.

Twelve Benefits of Tantra 

1. Expand the possiblities for love and deeper love of yourself and all humanity

2.Rejuvenate your health

3.Tap into the fountain of youth

4.Empower women,Learn to treat women with respect and love they deserve. We our the mothers of the world.

5. Empower men, Men will become more confident and open to explore their true desires without being guilted

6. Acheive true satisfication in intimacy

7. Alieviate Depression and Anxieties

8. Tantra makes everything sacred

9.Promote pleasure in yourself and your lovers

10.Heals past emotional wounds

11. Tantra deepens ones connection to others and helps elevates the way we think. Thoughts are things

12. Affects the world positively. When we live our authentic self with no guilt or judgement of who we really are.

There are so many amazing things that can happen in a Tantra Comapnion encounter. I hope you will feel more secure knowing that this is my soul purpose and you can come to realize that this is a form of therapy that the world so desperatly needs. It can start with you.

In Love and Light