Beyond Rejection and Engulfment

We all yearn for love and connection with others, a deep yearning that reflects a basic, biological human need. Science shows that infants thrive physically only when deeply loved and touched consistenly through consciences present love in development years. A mother actuall releases a chenical in the brain that goes into her brest milk to actually forces her to love her baby. Science and Spiritually proves our very exsistence is to love and be loved.

As adults we experience gut wrenching,soul-searing loneliness when we lack love and meaningful connections, yet all too frequently these things eludes us. The highest human experience is sharing love yet we often confuse that with getting love. We try to get love when we feel empty inside and can only share love when we learn to first fill ourselves with love. We cannot share that what we do not have within. Our wounded pysche constanlty strives to get love and avoid pain. resulting in a huge disconnect and an inablity to share love.

Why are love,connection and intimacy, so elusive? As much as we want love. we wish to avoid fear even more. We don't feel safe enpugh in ourselves to risk loving another. Two major factors undermine the brillance of a new connection with someone, or even halt the connection before it begins. 

LOSS OF LOVE- via anger,emotional withdrawls,physical withdrawl and or losing love to death.

FEAR OF ENGULFMENT- the loss of self through being controlled,consumed,invaded,suffocated,dominated or by being controlled by someone else.

These fears stem from childhood trauma and defining our worth externally through other people's approval, rather than internally through spiritual eyes of truth. I know what you are thinkng. UGH I have both of those factors. Most of us do. So as a statisic you and I are normal. Not really a normal I strive to be. If normal is even on my radar.

The bottom line is until we have healed these fears we will act in defense whenever they are triggered.

My healing art is just that. It gives you a place to be loved and to clear the factors of deeply feeling true passion and awakening love in yourself. Without expectation and judgement, without rejection and engulfment, you can let go and rewire the deep seeds of your soul. Where love is the only thing that matters.

Love Kimilla