Extrodinary Lovers

We all have the capacity to be an extrodinary lover. I have been able to witness men come alive when they find out that women really love sex. OMG! I remember when I was 22 years old and I taught my first woman client to have an orgasm. She was a friend that was on holiday in Austraila with a new boyfriend. She called me in the middle of the night from Austraila pre cell phones. I think that call cost her 500.00 (best money she ever spent)

My friend Tasha was crying hysterical "Kimmy, you have to help me" I thought she was stranded in the Austrailan desert with some kangaroo tribe. Well she was safe but she was stranded. Stranded in her own body. She went on to tell me that her new boyfriend said you need to call Kimmy and ask her how to have sex. WOW!!!! How did he know to have her call me? I had only met him twice and I am pretty sure we were shit faced in a bar in Seattle watching some up and coming grunge band that would later go on to be Pearl Jam.

Regardless of his reasoning, he knew that I had embodied my sexual energy and Tasha needed my guidance. The first thing I asked her was "How do you touch yourself?" Now lets be honest I knew she never masturbated but I wanted her to be shocked by my question. I wanted her to come to her own realization that her pleasure was her own. Over the next few hours I taught Tasha how to masturbate, how to have orgasm by herself and then how to show him what she needed. It was only a clitoris orgasm but baby steps people- baby steps. Tasha has been a client and friend of mine for 22 years I have watched her blossom into a sexual vixen and a beautiful embodiment of a true goddess. I am pretty sure she has taught all her lovers to be present and take her to levels of all 11 orgasms she is capable of.

I am so thankful to that man in Austraila that made her call me. Not only for Tasha so she could experience true pleasure but for being my catalyst as a Tantra Teacher and Sexual Priestess. (btw she came back to america, we never heard from him again) I hope he's have extrodinary sex downunder. He knew that Tasha could be an extrodinary lover and that is an embodied man.

In Love and Light