Four Stages For Men to Become Multi-Orgasmic

1. Learning to last longer is all about relaxing your body with no expectations.

2. Stopping ejaculation to regengerate your personal charge. Learning to move energy. Can you feel the vibration moving throughout your body? When you start to be aware of energy moving throughout your body and how to move it you can make a conscious choice when to ejaculate. Becoming multi orgasmic is not about not never ejaculationing but when to know how to make a choice to when your body wants to release without out tensing,freezing and shutting down to pleasure. When you can hold back and learn about controlling your sexual energy you not only give a women a chance to become open to receive you also become a mutli-orgasmic man.

The key to mastering this.... Focus on a self tantra practice starting with semen retention. Give yourself 20 minutes to cultivate your own sexual energy. Meditate before you MASTURBATE, 21 breathes. One hand over your heart and one over your genitals. Sending loving healing energy into your gential through your heart, into your hands and to your gentials. 30 seconds of deep breaths(mouth breathing) Now take both hands and cup your gentials for a few minutes and start to massage your inner thighs, your jews, connecting touch with breath a minute or two.This is deep fire energy we hold trauma, and emotional blocks in this whole area so give yourself time to connect lovingly with this area. Start your masturbation as you know best to do ,Always be doing open mouth breath during the whole process, when you feel at the point of no return(dont allow yourself to go past a 8 or 9 arrousal) stop stimulation and keep deep breathing. In Tantra-saage session and Ejaculactory Mastering you will learn Tantra Hold, Tantra Breathe,Ocean Breathe,Moving Energy and so much more..... There are no hard and fast rules( no pun intended) but three deep strokes and one slow. Its your body you know where you are. Tips... not be afraid to move your pelvis this opens the chi sexual energy and helps the energy move throughout your body. When your pelvis is stationary it stops the energy from circulating. Anytime you notice of contraction pause and breathe visualize the subtle energy fluttering in areas of your body anywhere is the beginning of being mutl orgasmic with practice you can have fully body orgasm. Please note this does not happen always in your first practice everyone is at levels of there own practice.

3. Seperating orgasm from ejaculaction by retraining your body to experience the sensation in different parts of your body. Learning to relax sensations this is so important. We are programmed to tense and freeze before orgasm. Learning to relax with this sensations it gives the body the ability to expand into the moment and let the body knows what it needs to do to experience a letting go and rising into the deepest pleasure.

4.Becoming fully mutli orgasm. In the beginning of your tantra practice it will be subtle. It can feel tingling.heat,sensations in areas you do not normally notice during normal ejaculation. Expanding your capacity of pleasure to feel from your heart to your genitals. Believe it or not the heart and the cock are  deeply connected. Men have been taught to shut down there heart (especially during sex) in tantra we connect the heart to commuincate with all areas of our bodies to not only love our partner in the experience but to love yourself and all what your body is starving to know about your true pleasure in all areas of life. When we denie our sexual pleasure we are cutting ourselves of to one to the highest levels of spiritual connections with our authentic self.

These are Four Stages to begin a self tantra practice. I totally understand that reading is not the same as actual experience. I want you to just see the  goal is pleasure and connecting with your own sexual energy. When you decide to book a Tantra-Ssage or enroll in the Ejaculation Mastery Course you are going to get hands on practice and this all starts to make tantra sense.

You are on your way to becoming The Kama Sutra Man. I invite you to be the most pleasureable YOU.