Four Top Qualites of an Evolved Sexy MAN

An emotionally grounded man is sexy. No that doesnt mean you are submissive. This isnt about kink or fetish. When a man is able to let his gaurd down and drop into his real feelings about life, his passion and the women he is choosing to be intimate with. That is sexy. I remember spending time with a gentlemen who when he talked about his children his eyes welled up with tears from pride. I felt my heart explode with compassion for this man. Lets just say it was incredibly instablie from that moment on.

Men who still love women is sexy. I am not sure what is going on but what happened to the men who still were in love with everything women. Be aware of the negative information you share about women. Believe me I know you have been scorned but to be in the present moment with a women and bask in her feminity can be a rebirth that not all women are the same.

Integrity. A man with integrity is SO SEXY! If you tell her you are going to something for her. Do it! If you say your going to call at a certain time. Call. Don't fill her head with a bunch of bullshit a real women knows what she wants and doesnt need a bunch of stories to make get her panties fall off. This isn't about you doing anything you don't want to do. This is about healthy bondaries and having the balls to tell her that her idea won't work for you. Even if you think it will hurt her feelings. It stings for a minute but being honest with a women, will get you so much furthur and do you really need the stress of trying to come up with a reason why you failed to keep your integrity? I did'nt think so.

OH COME ON. The number one sexy quality in a man is CHIVARLY! The sexiest thing about a man is how feminine he can make a women feel. This is not about thinking that she can't do anything for herself. She's not helpless. She is a women who wants to be swept off her feet every now and then and have you be the masuline and make her life a little bit easier. Chivarly is all about a natural blend of courtly manners and masculine virtues. So stand for a minute and watch her walk away, give her your coat, open the door for her, ask her if you can order for her, walk her to her car,text her back more then K,(really) Pick her up when you see her,kiss a little longer,bring her flowers and for GOD SAKES compliment her. Chivarly is so rare I could write in entire book about what you guys need to do. On your behalf, make sure shes worth it and revel in how sexy you are.

Claim that women. When you claim a women even if just for a moment you are showing direct attention in the present moment of your time together. Are you always on your phone, looking around, worried about yesterday, tommorrow or neverland? Your focus and direct attention is a part of a gift you give to a women. Women want to feel like she is the only women in the world, Especially your world. So make it a date. Feed her with your attention. When you intitiate her with confidence it opens up her vulnerablity too feel safe and ready to be ravished.

Stay Sexy