Let's Talk Sugar

Sugar babies do not sell services. We are the ultimate way to experience a relationship with mutual needs. I know what I want and so do you.

I want a real connection with every man I date. I want you to show me your world,your fears,your mind, your power, your life experiences and your finanicial gifts. I am assuming you want a beautiful women that lights the room. who is sweet,funny and knows how to carry herself all why capturing your passion in only for a minute. Arrangements are my favorite type of ways to spend time with you. It gives me so much time to making our time together enjoyable and its all about me and you. I am able to prepare for time together with no other distractions. Knowing what makes you tick before you even know it. Is practicing my love of human behavior. 

You can feel safe knowing that arrangements are legal and hiring a legal escort is legal. Rest at ease and lets have a lovely time. Mutuall beneficial relationships are so fullfilling and leave you feeling guilt free that your girlfriend for the moment will not interfere with your life and is all ready for our next date.

My favorite types of sugar dates....

Pamper Me Baby= Can we go have a couples massage,hot tubbing, shopping, lets go get botox, lingerie modeling at VS?

Show Me Money Baby= Lets go straight to the allowance and lets enjoy all kinds of entertainment.

Take Me Places= Hawaii, Laguna Beach, Four Seasons anywhere (especially in the sun) Seahawks,Trailblazers, awe Andre Bocelli?

Suprise me!!!! 

Love Kimilla