Merging the Dirty With The Divine

Empowering beliefs to reframe how you look at sexuality in your life, your world and society.

I hope that you when you start to clear all the negative beliefs around sex that you will adopt a holistic and sacred practice to heal your own pleasure principles. I truly believe that every person who opens to their divine sexual power will collectively change the world.

Society,religion and fear has taken away your own divine sexual and sensual divinity. Every person I talk to is afraid to talk about sex but you will all talk about violence. Come on.......

This is so unenlightened. You are better than this. Heal this sexual nonsense one person at a time.

1."Sex is good, its healthy and natural" 

2. "Sex is fun and enjoyable"

3. "I love myself"

4."I accept myself"

5."I am whole and complete, NOW"

6."I am openminded about sex"

7."My sexuality is self defined"

8."I love to pleasure my partner"

9."I love to receive pleasure"

10."I am accepting of other's sexuality"

11."I attract high quality partners"

12."I have healthy boundaries and I know how to enforce them"

13."My sexual fantasy is normal"

14."I know how to ask for what I need in my sexual relationships"

15."Casual sex is spiritual sex just as all sex is, there is no seperation"

16."Its ok to pay for companionship"

17."Its ok to get paid for companionship"

18."My sexuality is my business and I am worthy of experiencing anyway I choose"

19."Pleasure is unlimitied"

20."I am at peace with feminine and masculine energy in relationships"

I just watched the Bachelorette with my 17 year old daughter and was mortified at the back lash of the contestant being slut shamed for saying she is sexually active with some of the guys on the show. Are you kidding me? Are we still slut shaming a womans sexuality? Are we still afraid to talk about her wanting to fuck one or all of the guys on this show? I watched these guys get in fights, name call,bully eachother and act like complete douche bags and its all part of it and no one cares until the woman on the show wants to get laid.

Lets heal all our dogmas around sex already. This starts with men as well owning there own divine sexuality and letting woman love sex.