Sacred Intimate Embodiment Program

Sacred Intimate Embodiment Program 

The Divine Feminine is here.

She is here on the earth plane and she is ready for us to step out of the shadows. I have been deeply entrenched in my own feminine divinity healing since 2012 when she started to transcend to the earth plane. What I have learned and have uncovered is my true soul purpose. 

I have decided to no longer keep all this beautiful transformation to myself but to turn it into one of the most beautiful and soul purpose courses. What I have learned is everything  I wish someone would of taught me at 17 years old when I first step foot on a stage and as I traveled my journey as a adult entertainer for my whole adult life. 

I can not take credit for all this work as I have traveled the world to work with energy healers,tantra healers,sexolgists, massage therapists, crystal healers, musicians,pro athletes, celebrities, artists,strippers,escorts,porn stars,webcam models,yoga teachers,siddhas,clients, and my own relationships. This has led me to the most enriched education and inspired action to develop this program for any of you who are ready to step into you true Goddess Power to become a Sacred Intimate.

Who is a Sacred Intimate?

A man or woman who works closely with clients seeking help and exploration in sexuality. The form of practice may varie depending on the healer but focus is mainly on bodywork,coaching,mutual interaction, exploration,energy work, tantra and sexual and sensual intimacy. Sacred Intimacy is a calling. The one thing that we all share is the dance between Eros and Spirit and a deep commitment to the body experience in a sacred space.

There is no license or certification for this type of training. This is the first of any kind of training in the world that delves into every area of Sacred Intimacy as a profession. I am very aware this is incredibly brave of me to step out and be the first to bring this to the forefront especially in North America. I feel I have no other choce my soul is aching, nudging, yearning and launching me into my true purpose like never before. 

Joseph Kramer first coined the title in " The Body Electric School" but it really does not touch on the whole profession and how to live in completley embodied. I have trained with The Body Eletric School and will use many other teachings with my own real life experiences as well.

Why NOW??

She is here and like never before knows the wounds of our souls. The masculine is being slaughtered. The feminine is rising. People are disconnected with their sexuality now more than ever and we are starving for touch,love,authenticity and truth. Men and women are seeking someone to help with there sexual challenges, their sexless marriages, their intimacy blockages, the shame of their desires, the needs of their souls. People are seeking for coaching,learning and support. People are searching for a nourishing experience with a loving human being. We are starving! Men don't know what women want and women are turned off, shut down and frozen in their bodies. Never before is it time to heal collective.

Why ME?

Believe me I constantly ask my guides this!!! First of all not only am I a "Sacred Intimate" But I am also the great great granddaughter of one of the most famous madams of all time in the late 1800's when prostitution was legal. I am very deeply rooted in my ancestoral lineage as well with over 20 readings of all the witches burned as temple maidens,geishas and native america tribal women. An enligheted master from Vishvamitra lineage has said "Kimilla Cole is one one the closet embodiement to the ancient goddess of our time"

I am assuming my soul needed to come back and finish this work so who am I, not to follow the call.

The Course

2 Days 

12 hours of live content and hands on training/ 3 months ongoing support.

Location: Advanced Bookings Only

Please invite a client/ and or partner to come as your model the 2nd day where we will do real live sessions. You will receive a free yoni crystal healing wand, or jade egg for both of you.



San Diego


Course includes but not limited too....

1.Tools of the Trade

2.Building your Business

3.Letting go of Shame

4.Attracting the Ideal Clients


6.Release Money Blockages

7.How to Embody the Goddess to get everything you WANT!

8. Sexual Anatomy,Pleasure Zones, The Biology of Arousal

9. Tantra Touch (master)

10.How to Please Any Lover by Listening

11. Boundaries

12.Money Magnetism

13.Chakra Work

14.Reiki Attunement

15.Tantra Kundalini Attunement

16.Sex Magic Attunement and Techniques

17. Surviving the Sex Industry

18.Protect your Privacy

19. Sacred Space/Feng Shui

20.Find Your Soul Purpose

21.Financial Plan the Goddess Way

22.Giving Back


24.Law of Compensation

25. Thriving NOW

Progam Cost 1800.00 

I recommend you book a client the second day for hands on training to offset the cost.

Application process is through my screening process. 

I will only be taking 4 students a session. Booking is limited.

In Love and Light