Sweden Playboy Playmate

How did that happen? I ask this question from a humbled heart. I mean really lets be honest I am in my forties so it is really unexpected to be able to grace not only Playboy magazine as a Playmate but as the cover girl as well. I had an oppurtunity to meet the right people in the last couple of months that really felt like I am a fit for the magazine at this time in my life and for Sweden's Playboy time. I have had a hard time embracig the whole "MILF" meaning ever since I first heard it. I remember like a minute a go, that I was the top feature dancer in every club in this country with the nickname " The Body" I was no where near being a mother or a mature women so yes I woke up one day and here I am 40-something with levels if life stacked up and boom now people are saying milf this and cougar this. WAIT, I am not ready for any of that. I feel better,sexier,smarter and happier than I ever have and fuck I am still "The BODY" but the mind is so much hotter now. 

So Playboy lets do this. Why not as a full Swedish/American woman with deep roots in the scandia (its way more complicated than IKEA) I am super proud to be doing this at this time in my life and age is really just a number and nothing is impossible even if you have changed a million shitty diapers,checked a dozen kids tempatures,had heart break on top of heart break. You can get butt naked in the highest come fuck my heels grace the cover of playboy if it only ends up framed in my bedroom for only the most deserving men to admire.

I cant wait to show you my issue! Stay tuned.......


Love Kimilla