Tantra Bath Ritual

In a temple of sensual connection, and renewal. The lush green plants of the bathroom sparkled in the sunlight. The faint smell of jasmine drifted in the air as it lingered from my skin, as we walked through the door to paradise of pleasure and possibility. He stood before me,open to receive the gifts of the Goddess.

As I removed his my shirt, my fingernails lightly skimmed over his skin, rivers of pleasure, entergetic orgasms vibrated his body. I undid his pants, button by button exposing his beautiful body to the sunlight which streamed though the window peeking through the clouds bursting warmth across the entire room.

On my knees, I removed his pants leg by leg,moving my hands ever slowly up his legs as I stared into his blue eyes full of anticipation and adorement. As he stepped on to solid stone floor, I felt the floor become grounded with the power of his masculity. The water running into the bathtub from a urn. The sounds of splashing reverberated from out of the room as to wash over us in cleansing exctasy.

I lead him to the waiting waters, he sank down into her,sliding into wetness. His eyes closed in solid quietness. With cupped hands I draw water over him. Running my hands along his skin. I return again and again to dip in.

As time passes, all parts of his body are covered with nuturing touch and warmth of the Goddess. I move down to his feet and take his wet toes into my warm inviting mouth. Gently caressing each toe with adoration and delight.

After a long sensual of slow offering of touch. I move to cleanse his whole body with the slippery addition of coconut soap. Scubbing him up and down to remove whatever weight of the world he might be carrying. His breath begins to slow, his face becomes to soften and his spirit becomes to rise.

He is heavy with relaxation and pleasure and out of the corner my eyes I see a smile start to form"The first time in a long time."He says. A deep sigh of completion and contempation comes from deep in his chest of the awareness of our time is up. For now.

I watch in the window as he slips back into the drizzling cold rain and into the world as a complete stranger. I think of him often and I wonder.. if his anticipation scared him. If the intensity of his breath under my hands lingers with him. As I pack up and head home. I smell jasmine as it floats back out into the world to fill the gaps, with fragrance of memories.

In Love and Light