Tantra for Modern Man Who Wants to Excel in The Bedroom

Hello Lovers,

As I journey through life as a Sacred Intimate. I often come across men who are really stuck physically with their performance in the bedroom. I am constantly suprised that a man who has so much success in there business are failing in the bedroom. There is a disconnect between action and alignment with self. I have created this course and series to teach you how to really become a better lover, but more importantly stop failing yourself in your intimate experience. You deserve to fullfilled in the bedroom, not just in business.

This can be taught online or in person.

Tantra for the Modern Man will teach you how to become the best lover she has ever had and master the ancient technique of Tantra Massage.

What will you learn?

1. How to use Tantric practices and rituals for more connection and intimacy in the relationship.

2. How to give your partner a sacred tantric massage in order to awaken her inner juicy goddess.

3. How to create an experience of intimacy which is full of bliss, pleasure and nuturing for both partners.

4. How to master your arousal and last much longer in bed.

5. How to acheive mutliple non-ejaculatory orgasms.


Let me be your muse to develop the skills to approach all your intimate relationships of a place of alignment not just action. During in person sessions I will walk you through step by step encounter to transform even the most frigid woman to bring out her juicy sensual goddess. A real true feminine woman is waiting to be guided into your masculinity. You need to start showing up for yourself as a master lover to align with her wants to melt under yout tantra gaze. 

If you can not meet in person I have created a complete online course to you to learn in the privacy of your home. You will recieve me as your personal sex and intimacy coach with practical tantra tecniques you can start using tonight.


Donations in person. 300 90 mins/ 2 hrs 400/ 3 hrs 600.

This is best approached as a series of sessions. After our first intial session together we will create a package of sessions with a negoiated donation and sessions that best suit you to become a true tantra lover. This requires your commitment to yourself and me. You will be given homework and feeback as you approach each new sessions.

Donations online 100 60 min 90 mins 150. 30.00 for 30 mins of online support via email,text,and video chat. You will receive ongoing support as you do the work.

In Love and Light

Kimilla Cole

 Tantra and Intimacy PH.D