Tantra for the Modern Woman- Unleash Your Orgasmic Power

Dear Gentlemen,

This is a course I am teaching for the woman in your life. This is an incredibly powerful for women who do not have know how to have more than one type of orgasms or are frozen to even experience sex. I encourage you to either take this class to teach your ladies how to unleash their orgasmic power or gift her with this session with me as her private sex coach. It's amazing what it can do for her and your relationship. She deserves to have better nurturing sex. Let her take the power back and learn why she has shut down to living an orgasmic life. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who surrenders to her pleasure.

Donations for Ladies only

Couples welcome only after SHE completes 2 hr basic session....

2 hour session one time only to learn basic techniques.

Full 7 week hands on Tantra for Modern Woman

One 2 hr session a week 1200.00 

What happens in the Tantra for The Modern Woman?

Week One

1. Introduction to Tantra (what can it do for you?) 

2. How it can save my marriage/relationships?

3. Problems with Sex in Our Society

4. Breathe of Bliss and Orgasmic Breathe

5. Is my body capable of rich orgasms

6. Female arousals and desires

7. Re-senstizing your entire body

8. Feather Light Touch Technique/ Homework


Week Two

1.Redefining Orgasm

2. New way to touch your body

3. Gential vs Full body orgasms

4. What's your orgasms potential?

5. Anatomy of Yoni Touch with Feather light touch/ Homework


Week Three

1. Re-connecting with your body

2. The most powerful tool for sexual healing

3. Heart of Pleasure meditation

4. Cultivating a deep connection with your breasts

5. Expanding your sexual pleasure/ Homework


Week Four

1.  Sexual Healing and creating a deeper connection with your gentials

2.  We all store trauma in our bodies

3.  Can you feel your vagina?

4.  Sexual Healing

5. Breathe of Passion/ Homework


Week Five

1.  Exploring gential,anatomy, touch and pleasure

2.  Your gential anatomy

3. Female gential anatomy

4. Have you seen your flower?

5. Gential Self Massage

6. Limiting beliefs we have/ Homework


Week Six

1. Using PC muscles to deepen your orgasmic pleasure

2. Building fitness of your pelvic area

3. Pelvic Floor Exercises

4. Immersing yourself in bliss

5. Different types of female orgasms/ Homework


Week Seven

1. Expanding your orgasms and orgasmic states

2. How to expanded is your orgasms

3. Sublimating sexual pleasure

4. Masturbation Ritual

5. Living an Orgasmic life/ Homework


You deserve to live your best orgasmic life. 


Love Kimilla