"Tantra is so weird" I here this all the time. I get it. When we live in fear of what is possible. Everything is weird. When we live with all the imprints of what society looks like. How are neighbors are behaving, what we read about and who we think we need to be in the world, to fit in.

But what if it WORKS! What if 4000 years ago people knew what the fuck was going on and we are just more unconcious than ever before, of who we really are?

What if you could have a more fulfilling life with out being WEIRD? Or what if WEIRD was actually the only way to really delete all the bullshit you keep lying to yourself about? I don't know about you, but my soul resonantes with anything and everything that the rest of the world calls weird. 

I love being different because to me I am so connected with my higher self that the rest of the world is numb and if thats different than I am winning. The reality is that I live in the same world as you so I have my regular days when I have have to dim down my light. Though I do enjoy blinding people with "THE LIGHT" I drive in traffic, pay bills, go to the grocery store, volunteer with my sons sports, drive kids and am surrounded by my daughters teenage friends. I get that my "Weird" tantra lifestyle has a time and a place or does it...... 

The word "Tantra" brings up alot of emotions in people. That its hedonistic, sex parties,hippies in a circle chanting (all that is fun btw) everyone hugging eachother smelling like patachouli (worst scent ever) and hours and hours of sex. (YUMMY) The truth is that yes Tantra is ancient in its teachings yoga,energy work,mantras,chanting,rituals,group sessions and connected soul sex. These are all deeply rooted truths in Tantra but is it realistic for our modern world? Yes and No. I make a conscious intention to practice all of these rituals in my life. It brings me a deeper level to my practice. But I am like you. I am a Modern woman who loves plastic surgery, high heels,sexy lingerie,expensive makeup,shopping,range rovers,gwagons,bocelli,chris botti, football, electricity,long hot baths, my Iphone, my laptop, WIFI and in and out burger (when in rome/or california) and I love my rich republican american men(clients)

I am all facets bohemian and busty living in this modern world. How is it possible to be a Tantra Dakini and be all the other things I am too? I make the rules. I make my rules and I want to teach you that. I want to teach you to be deeply connected to your sexual energy so you can live this sexy Tantra life, stepping into all this juicy powerful sexual energy and still be out in the world rocking your "Make America Great Again" Hat! HA! 

You choose your life how you want it to be. Why not choose a sexy one in and out of the bedroom.