Tantra Tantrum

I get so many inquiries about Tantra and though I give a brief description over the phone,email or text and explain that you really have to experience tantra to understand tantra. I still get the a look of complete deer in headllghts when I met with clients for the first time. This is very natural when you have not yet expereinced this beautiful way to connect with yourself, your life and your relationships.

I am going to throw it all at you for the next few blog posts and hope that when we meet that you feel a little more enlightened and are ready to fall into bliss with me.

What is Tantra?

Our world is highly sexualized yet as a society we're sexually suppressed. Sex is a taboo topic and we're not free to express or enjoy our eroticism freely. But sexuality is an aspect of our human nature, it's vital and crucual part of who we are.

Usually, we are rushed and busy in our lives and in our bedrooms. but slowing down in sex allows us to create much more pleasure and intimacy. On top of that, many couples don't prioritize their sexual connection and because of that, their sex lives become rushed and unfilling.

Tantra is an ancient Hindu philosophy that embraces every single aspect of life. It says that everything we are and do is sacred and special. In Tantra we celebrate all our experiences including sex. Tantric couples use rituals to celebrate their lovemaking. They see divinity in each other and create a sacred-divine realm in their relationship.

How to celebrate your sexuality at home....

 Make time for it, schedule a tantra session once a week.(doesnt your relationship deserve that) IT DOES!

 Create a ritual around it whether it is with your partner or solo

 Beautify your space

 Take time and slow down

 Give your experience your full attention, be present with all the sensations you fill good or bad. Be mindful and ride the wave of all

 Another way to create a Tantra sessions is to use Sanskrit words for your genitals. (Sanskrit is a divine language) When use Sanskrit words you are invoking divinity into your material world. You cant help to feel universal energy penetrate your cells.

Tantric Lovers elevate their experience when they use Tantric words.

Lingam (penis) -meaning the wand of light

Yoni (vagina/vulva) -meaning sacred space

In Tantra we use sex as a prayer of gratitude. We reframe sex, we change what it means to us and how we experience it . instead of sex being purely a physical experience, we bring together our energies ,souls,hearts as well. This kind of lovemaking is much more satisfying and nuturing for both partners.

Whether you are wanting to have a Tantra massage or full course its all the same together we worship in mediataion and gratitude to reach higher levels of consciousness to weave our energies together to create holy union. This is Tantra!

In Love and Light