Tantra Taste Tester

Its the weekend. Who are you seducing this weekend? 

Here is a little tantra taster recipe to get all the juices flowing and clean up the dirty.

The Sexy Colada...

This drink will suprise you,it effects are lengendary around the world. Do not serve this to someone unless you have every intention of satisfying that's desires that follow.

1 pineapple or 3 cups of fresh pineapple juice

1-2 young coconuts (coconuts increases digestion and helps stong erection and desire)

2 bananas (come it is shaped as a fallic)

Pinch of Maca Powder.(Maca is your natural viagra. Benefits male libido,ed,fertility,increased testerone, healthy prostate,natural muscle building,energy and stamina,overcoming anxiety and depression,mental clarity and focus.) 

Activate your smell senses. "Pineapple" Yes its true pineapple can add sweetness to the taste of semen. This is for ladies too. Feed your lady lots of pineapple juice. Its a game changer.

Parsley and sweet basil makes her yoni smell amazing as well.


Kimilla xo