My entire life is the the art of sensual living which has chased me down and ran me off of roads to show me that Tantra is who I am.

My soul purpose and healing art is to educate and awaken as many people as I can to live the true essence of Tantra. Where are living in times where the mass consciousness is based in gential gratification only, so sex and initimacy become a need,an act which in actual fact Tantra is a merging of polar opposites into Unity of oneness with your beloved and all of life.

Tantric sex is energerzing, it is likened to being on one of the most beaautiful oceans, aligning with the vibrations of a perfect wave in a ocean of bliss. The sensations is endless, the pleasure is endless it takes you into timelessness.... a pure state of euphoria, cosmic orgasms where every fiber of your being is in the moment, everyone of your senses reaches heightened levels of exctasy. Tantra teaches that a kiss, a hug, a look, a sunset and just a moment in time can be an electrifying orgasm and that all life is a gift to behold.

Tantra is about Love not sex. When the two are combined then it becomes a Tantric Union of conscious souls on a wave of enlightment. Tantra is merging light with matter in sexual union.

The practice of Tantra has been described as "Euphoria" but what is euphoria and why do we seek it? The truth is euphoria exsists in our mind, and our own reality of consciousness, If someone cooked you a romantic dinner, what would your reaction be? Would you eat and think 'what a nice meal" and nothing more? Or would you take time to smell it,admire it,taste it on your lips,let it tease your tongue, would you admire the color and enjoy the loving nourshment it is giving your body? If so than those feelings and the experience you are allowing yourself to have is now your reality and you are in euphoria. Its your choice to change the way you see the world and all its beauty. This is the same concept as making love. We create our euphoria by letting go go of all expectations and enjoy being in the moment physically,emotionally and spiritually with our beloved. if we keep seaching for euphoria we will never find it because it is already there.

This is Tantra "The Art of Sensual Living"