Dear Lovers,

I am so blessed to be surrounded by some of the most amazing clients that really like to prefer as my beloves. A "client" is less than low vibration word to be used to describe the loves in my life. I get to share so much good loving sensual and profound energy with you that you are my soul blue print smiling. If you have not met me this is how I receive all people I share with and if you have met me I hope you know and felt the love we shared together. If you didnt? We need to get you rebooked? Winking.... (you know me)

So lets talk about TANTRATTACTION and why I created this in my own life and have delve deep into developing this technique in all of my sessions. This is Sex Magic. I am, a bit of a magician. I have been so profoundly pleasantly gifted when I live in this way by using Law of Attraction and Tantra to create my life exactly how I choose.

You are not drawn to me by accident. You are here to have a awakening experience. I promise you that Sexual energy and Spiritual Energy are the SAME. We all know that power of sexual energy creates life. Literally it creates a human being. It created you. So why are you allowing your sexual energy to be turned off? Do not anwser that. I already know. But ask yourself what do you really do after you have created life (a couple kids or more) What do you with all that sexual energy? Better yet what can you do? What can you create?

Sexuality has become so confused on this planet. The majority of people, whether it is conscious or unconscious are abusing this incredibly powerful energy for instant friction gratification, or display of power and manipulation. or control of a another or a commodity to get what they want in a relationship or marriage. I know you have all experienced this. "If you do XYZ. I will have sex with you and if you don't I will withhold until you behave how I want." and then most of the time if you do get some its depleting, spiritually and emotionally unrewarding. It is rather sad. 

In every sexual encounter and at the height of arrousal(even on self pleasure) we get to choose what we intend to create with this amazing pure and powerful energy. I always say Cum with intention." What does that mean? It means to set an intention for what you want to manifest into your life and hold that in your orgasmic energy field. When I teach tantra whether you know it or not of feel it or not. I am doing energy work with you. I am setting an intention to see only your pure potential for source, to be a place for you to land to fullfill your fantasys, to live you with thoughts and desires that were bigger than you imagine and to send you back into the world is the Creator of your perfect life. I do understand that the temptation to fall back into how regular people have friction encounters is a primal reaction but I know you want more. This is why you are drawn here. Your soul wants to experience the truth of Sexual Alchemy and Tantra Wisdom. The irony is when you let your higher self let go of all the mundane affairs you have had our two energies come together and dance and weave together with intention we can create anything together. You can create and manifest exactly how you want your day to go, your week, your month, your year and your life. This is the basis of true Tantra Alchemy when two energies come together feminine(Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) is it express's in a man and a women. This energy becomes one and disolves into higher consciousness and co-creative manifesting energy. When we view our sexuality in this light , we go beyond sensory gratification and we begin to employ a ritualistic , deeper meaning and understanding of this incredible powerful creative manifesting sexual energy. 

TANTRATTACTION is Tantra and Law of Attraction used together during whole body energy orgasms to manifest your life to unimaginable heights. 

Let me Co-Create with you. Its SEX MAGIC!

In Love and Light

Kimilla Cole