Tantric Bodywork Attunements

Dear Lovers,

If you have never tried a tantric massage then the experience will impress you deeply it will not resemble anything you have tried before. In Tantra your body is seen like a temple of your soul, and so it is getting treated correspondingly. Unlike the therapeutic and sensual massage practice of the Western world based mostly on anatomy and physiology, the tantric massage is rather a spiritual practice that affects your physic-energy centers-chakras, and allows the the energy to flow though your body connecting your physical frame and your inner self, Thus you achieve the harmony between your body and your soul, and the whole universe. It makes you open to new plesant sensations, far more intense and prolonged than you have ever experienced.

The main idea of Tantra is to move your focus from the end result to the process itself. When you are not fixated on a quick release, you start enjoying the things you might never pay attention to, and then suprisingly for you, you finally reach more powerful and explosive climax than you thought was possible.

The tantric massage lasts longer than your usual massage session and combines chakra energy work with a full body lingam or yoni massage. There is no point in rushing anywhere, as you know already that you have to concentrate on every single step of this sacred tantra ritual and stop thinking about the finale. You are allowed to completely shut the mind off and to be worshiped in this moment by doing this you are able to connect with all sensations in the body and energy field. It is very important to have a connection with your tantra therapist in build this deeper connection right out of the gate you will learn breathing patterns together, eye gazing contact to embrace the higher self of eachother. Tantra is designed not only to relax or excite you but also to make you fell newly-born. You undergo a total transformation.

Clients have reported feeling tingling sensations through there whole body,seeing vivid colors, feeling relaxed and or invorgated, the most powerful release of their lives, awakened, enlightened. Clients have become better lovers, more successful buisnessmen and better fathers after continued sessions.

During each sessions I work deeply on clearly blocks in your entergetic field as well as aduncance,love,mental and emotional cleearnigs. I have seen amazing transformations and witnessed beautiful connection in love in all of my Tantric BodyWork Attunements.

I invite you too slip away and be born a new in this sacred worship ceremony.


Kimilla Love