Tantric Technique to Raise Your Sexual Energy

Sat Kriya- Kundalini Tantra Yoga Technique

Sexual energy- according to Kundalini Yoga, is considered the most concentrated form of biochemical energy in the human body, in addition, it is also considered the form of energy that can be used, not only for physical well being, but also for the evolution of consciousness. I am pretty sure you want to live an expanded life full of joyful and rich life with flowing sexual energy as well as spiritually connected to all that you are. This is so amazing to watch come into fruition in my sessions. I am constantly grateful. When you reach this awakening with me. This is the primary reason why Tantra yoga does not suppress sexual energy, but instead devises techniques to raise the vibration of this profound multi-purpose energy to help you with your spiritual growth. 

One of the core techniques in Kundalini Tantra, which is designed specifically for raising the vibration of sexual energy and stimulating the kundalini directly is Sat Kriya. Sat Kriya is a key exercise in kundalini tantra yoga and is recommended for everyone to do everyday. In fact men, who are looking to choose just one yoga tantric technique to do and for busy professionals who refuse to engagen in self care. This can be done right before self pleasure and or during. Sat Kriya will build the heat and get you closer to being a multi-orgasmic man.

How to do Sat Kriya-

Sit in a rock pose. Rock pose is to sit on your heels with your back straight. If this is umcomfortable put a pillow between your legs and glutes to sit.

Stretch your arms up straight so your arms are hugging your ears. The elbows should be straight. Clasp your hands together, such that all your fingers are inner laced, except the index finger of each hand are pointed straight up pressed together.

Elongate your spine upwards, lengthen your neck and subtly bring your chin back in, like a soldier at attention. This will align your spine and the back of your neck.

Ok this is when everyone STOPS!!!!!! Why because you are afraid of chanting...... Let me give you a quick little nudge. Chanting is no difference then self talk, affirmations and or coaching. When you chant Sanskrit words (which is a divine language) You start to rewire your brain to higher frequencys of the universe(or god) whatever word you feel comfortable using. When you stop being stuck in this western world fear based society that only prophets can speak divine truth and whatever bullshit religious training you have downloaded you are blocking yourself from being the CREATOR if your life. Try it..... It works....

NOW begin to chant SAT NAM aloud. If you can't do it aloud then let it take over your sacral chakra (which is your cock regoin all the way into your ass) and let it vibrate SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM! Speak in powerfully or feel it powerfully as you pull your navel up and in and towards the spine. Feel the sound SAT hammer the base of the spine. Next relax the belly and say NAM. The sound NAM is pronounced or felt softly to the sound SAT powerfully. The only movement you do consciously is the pulling in and relaxing the navel.

Continue to chant SAT Nam along with the navel contractions at about 8 repetitions every 10 seconds or so. Just find a good rhythm with no force or judgement. Set your intention that you are raising your sexual energy and let it flow and raise and build heat where it wants to go. 

To end, inhale deeply and apply a root lock, diaphragm lock and a neck lock with your breath held it. Root lock is the contraction of the recum,sex organ,lower navel and diaphragm lock is pulling up and in of the diaphragm and neck lock is to pull the neck muscles back while tucking the chin in and back slightly. As you apply all three locks visualize energy being propelled up the spine and into your brain. You may repeat the root lock 3 times if you like. Its so good you are going to want to.

Go ahead now and lie down in corpse pose for the same amount of time you did the technique. You can start out with 3 to 5 mins and build up as you go.



Awakens Kundalini Shakti

Improves the entire sexual system and increase the vibrations of sexual energy to higher functions

Cures the deep seated fears, sexual or otherwise and makes you courageous

Massages the internal organs to promote health and well being

Helps the elimination system

Cure sexual dysfunctions

Balances and harmonizes the personality and higher self.

I am so excitied to meet you agian when you have raised your sexual vibrations.

Stay tuned for next blog when I share how my client used this to get his wife too start wanting to seduce him again. I love it when I save a marriage and lose a client. We all deserve healthy,sexy and juicy relationships...

In Love and Light