The Girlfriend Experience

If you don't already know what GFE means or have been misguided by acyronyms on a ladies site to only wind up rushed along and felt emotionally depleted from your experience than let me give you some insight on what it should be and what you could be still searching for.... Because if your not having your needs met and your not getting the perfect girlfriend than read on to learn all you need to know to change that.

Where do sensitive and intelligent men go for a meaningful encounter?

I want to know who decided that men don't need romance and affection to be happy? That is a myth that needs to debunked. Nowhere is gender poliitics more cloudier than sex. Not all women want to cuddle after sex and not all men roll over and pass out. We are doing it all wrong. Men are expected to be animalistic to crave like beasts and look at the whole process of sex to meaningless and self serving. If this is all that women are catering to and expecting of there men this leads men who actually respond emotionally deeply dissatisfied.

So what if you are one of the growing successful men who uses escorts, seeking arranement and or sugar daddy dating sites and need real initimacy to truly enjoy a woman's sensual company? What if you actually need to kiss or better yet what if you need to actually kiss to become aroused? What if you need a back rub,great conversation,laughter until it hurts,holding hands and just straight up teenage flirting? Is that so wrong?

Welcome to the Girlfriend Experience and Tantra Twist. More and More, successful men don't have the time or energy in the daily lives to pursue actual relationships or worse arent looking to complicate their married lives they are hiring escorts and engaging in arrangements who excel in the GFE. Unlike something dirty or illegal that is a transactional encounter this is for those who crave a relationship experience for the desired time together. Just imagine all the good parts of being in a relationship then take away the commitment. No more silly fights,meet your family,pressure for more and all the things that make you clam up and feel the knot of your stomach rise to the size of what you dream your net worth to be.

Women who provide GFE experience will spend more time to get to know you. They cuddle, they laugh, they remember your kids names. They want to enjoy you as much as you enjoy them. There is no rush to leave to scurry away and keep looking for the exit. A man like you who craves the affection from the feminine that stumble across a women like this, it can be like entering the holy grail. Lets take that a little step deeper what if she knew how to remove all your emotional and physical blocks so you can heal yourself in her space of holding. A tantra GFE is rare but when you find her let nectar intoxicate all of your senses.

Once you find the perfect GFE , it can grow into a beautiful arrangement. Why not invite her on a resort weekend? Whisk her away for a tropical holiday? Yes, you'll paying for her company but one of the special things about this is that when you part ways, there are no complications to drag either of you down. You owe each other nothing but respect and mutual enjoyment in GFE arrangement.

It is a truly ideal situation for any busy man with no desire for commitment but the basic human need for comapanionship. In the same way that she needs to be fullfilled so do you and with mutual respect you deserve to have your needs met in a way that doesnt make you feel like you dont warrant real human interaction. So if you are the GFE kind of gentlemen, there is an entire world of fullfillment waiting for you....


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