The Jade Egg

Are you looking for a really sexy valentines day present that will entice your lover and improve your sex life? Ofcourse you are. The Jade Egg. Wtf??? Is a Jade egg? Jade Eggs serve as a key tool to awakening and cultivating her sexual energy. Her life will dramtically change after just a few short weeks doing daily exercise with her new jade eggs. No matter which stage of life she is at, exercising her yoni is just like hitting the gym, the yoga studio or the dance fllor. A personal responsibilty to her body and her well being in today's society's day and age it is paramount and the benefits are limitless.

Jade Eggs improve the muscular strength of the vagine. Each will increase the tone of the muscles.


1. Feel more grounded and centered in herself

2. Be more in tune with her sexuality

3. Massage her yoni from the inside out

4. Increase her flow of sexual hormones

5. Develop stronger orgasms

6. Heighten her response to G-spot

7. Maintain healthy reproductive organs

8. Prevent incontinence

9. Experience increased aliveness and energy in her pelvic area

Now thats a valentines day present for the both of you.

I have teamed up at with to to make these available for all women to change their sexuality.

Its time for women to own all that sexuality and start turnng themselves on and oh yea their men too.