The Married Man

What is is about married men?

Is it that they are unavailable? So they seem safe. Is it that they are so lacking of desire that they are incredibly attentive.

Is it that they are so wounded that we are drawn to resuce them? I think its all of it. I believe when a married man ventures out to find what is missing so deeply in his soul that he runs back into the companions or mistress's arms over and over again, that on some level he is healing himself and I am the healer. 

Yes, I am a natural born healer. I heal everything. I resuce kids, dogs,cats,birds,even the hissing squirrel in the tree down the street. I fed him. I thought he might just be "hangry" We are all our "hangry" We all our yearning for something that is so much deeper than what we perceive as our reality. But wait..What is our reality? Isnt our reality just what we perceive? 

If what we perceive is a yearning for something more than why don't we just create a new reality. FEAR! Fear of change, fear of jugement,fear of failure. A married man won't change his reality because to change his reality is to confront all the things that are based in fear. So were back to the yearning for a meaning. 

A passion that taste so sweet, that it is the nectar of the soul. The ambrosia of the heavens. Nobody wants to eat the same thing everyday but to have the tongue tingle with delight and salivate with the anticipation of the healers golden temple of warmth. Awe and for a girl like me who is the lover of many and healer to many more. The married man is safe and he has to keep coming back for more. With anticipation too Adore.........