The Millionaires Mistress

The Millionaire Mistress



I remember the first time I met him. It was a shitty hotel but for some reason there was a bunch of stuff going on in town and last minute I grabbed this ok not so ok hotel. It was one of those hotels that you must go down and get them outside and bring them in. He texted he was here. Was I nervous? No. I don’t really get nervous when I first meet someone. I get nervous when they start to know me, then like me, then keep seeing me and then fall in love with me. That makes me crazy nervous.

He was standing behind his open trunk obviously it was a BMW sedan all black. Total Suits car. I just stood there and watched thinking God what is the tool bag doing. Getting a hack saw to murder me. I only thought that for like half of a second. Then I just thought, ok he’s nervous. How cute he’s fidgeting and rearranging shit in the back of his trunk. Totally looking as if he was doing busy work. And then the trunk shut. and his busy work was about again.

If you would have told me that in that parking lot on a freezing cold pouring down rain on a September day in a shitty hotel, I was about the have my whole world turned upside down. I would have told you. Who me? Please that doesn’t happen to girls like me and even if It did I would shut it down before we went to deep. Well the universe has bigger plans for you good or bad. Brace yourself. You are about to become a millionaire mistress!!


A Millionaire Mistress