The Sacred Intimate

Sacred Intimates are professionals who help others access the joy and power of energy. Its a career and calling. We teach technologies of ectasy. We are guides and are catalysts. It is our spiritual path to awaken the world one person at a time, to cherish our clients souls we guide them to expand their capacity for intimacy bliss.

Sacred Intimates offer a path for the conscious practice of erotic freedom. We are creators and innovators who see the universe of possibilty in the fact that getting gitfted gives value for our time, our learning and our love. Money and gifts allows for an exchange of erotic energy that owes no featly to compulsory forms of social organization based on family. faith.gender,or sexual orientation. With loving relationships based on joyous and equality exchange, we can practice a possible future through the medium money.

Sacred Intimacy means that we consciously craft a container for ongoing learning through expanding erotic capacity. It means that we regard sexual energy as a potential offering a way to open the heart and be joyful, to heal personal and cultural wounds to experience wholeness and to the knnow the divine in others and ourselves. it means a pledge to treasure the unfolding of our clients deepest vulnerablities. It means we love each person who comes into our practice though not as a partner or a friend. We love then with detachment or from any outcome that can foster courage,exploration and growth.

As sacred intimates, our job and our soul purpose is to keep our heart open when it's trying to close and open when it wants to cling. We want to be fully open and present with all that is actually unfolding n ourselves and our clients, in our bodies and our souls.

Sexual Energy is life-force energy. When we are open and alive to its gifts. we feel waves of joy passing though us. We experience clarity and awareness. We feel tremendous love for all the beings and beautiesof nature;we become like an ocean of love. We are love. We are light as air, liquid as water. and erotic energy guides us intergrates aspects of the self that may be dark, mysterious,and frightening. Those faces of of sensual and sexual energy can be explored, consciously and joyfully to sensual wholeness.

Your Sacred Intimate,

Kimilla Cole xo