The Universe Is In Orgasmic Bliss- So Are You.....

The Taoists tell us that; the moment the universe was created, the energy that is the foundation of human sexuality split into two halves. which became known as Yin and Yang. 

Yin is female- negative,feminine,passive,intuitive,dark,night,cold,soft,slow and moon.

Yang is male- positive,masculine,active,logical,light,day,hot,hard,fast and sun.

Yin is Water and Yang is Fire.

Everything in the universe can be defined by its balance of Yin and Yang, however nothing is completely one or the other. Everything that exists has elements of the other, because Yin and Yang are never static. They are always interacting with eachother. 

Look at your relationships and recognize where you are more Yin or Yang? Who is more Yin and Yang? In perfect balance whether in heterosexual or same sex relationships one of you is carrying these traits into your relationship. Out of balance or in balance.

Human sexuality cannot be understood outside the concept of Yin and Yang. In a tantric view, a human being and their relationship is the mirror of the universe. The universe itself is seen as a union of male and female principles. as represented by the divine couple Shiva and Shakti. The male Shiva and female Shakti. Shiva is consciousness and Shakti is energy.

In tantra evolution is considered to be an ongoing process through Shakti (Yin) is contionusly impregnated by Shiva (Yang). This constant act of creation and is sexual delight are the main tantric experience to tantric view of enlightment. The universe is constantly being created through the union of opposites: Yin/Yang. Shiva/Shakti.

This divine couple serves as the archetype of sexual love (EROS) and an enlightened relationships, either attached or detached. This is why is Tantra spiritual and sexual are not seperate from eachother. As in other spiritual paths the sexual energy is shunned against in an uneducated light. Tantra, human sexuality is elevated way beyond the act of procreation, it becomes a vehicle for acheiving our higher self and is creative energy to manifest everything in our lives. Like the ancient Tantric Masters you can experience these awaken and enlightens state of sexual ecstasy. You have dormant powers of energy where pleasure,intimacy and joy is waiting for you to access it all. 

There is no time like the present that we need to balance our Yin and Yang to weave our Shakti and our Shiva. The world needs enlighetned men who birth their own creative Shakti in themselves and in the woman in their lives. 

Are you going to be one of the ones that recognizes the extraordinary power of sexual energy? You are invited to find more bliss,more ecstasy and more joy.


In Love and Light