Tip from your Favorite Certified Master Sexpert and Sex Coach

Hello Lovers,

I have picked some of my favorite sexy sizzling sex tips from Loveology University where I am a Certified Master Sexpert and Sex Coach. We have 52 amazing tips to choose from and ofcourse we all have our own desires in the bedroom. But I have found these to be some of those sexiest way to get a woman begging for mulitply orgasms and makes you more of a Tantra man. I will be posting once a week until we get to 52. I am starting with my go to top 10. I can't to hear what your favorites are.

I hope you enjoy this post and start using these in your personal life and book me to be your muse along the way.

Sexual Tantra Massage for Her (sometimes its all about her) Give her a massage she will never forget.

Clitoral Massage- Gently pull the clitoral hood back from the clitoris to expose it. Then slide your thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of the clitoris for ten strokes. You may feek it growing as it becomes more excitied. a CLITORIS can grow three to four times its normal size when its fully engorged. Next, massage the head of the clitoris in circular motions using your forefinger or thumb. Don't be suprised if she has a body melting earth shattering orgasm. The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings and its the primary sexual organ for a woman. Most woman are capable of having a clitoral orgasm when its stimulated correctly. Make sure to watch her body and reactions to pleasure. If she is coming close to her orgasm there is no need to change tempo or position this is will often block the flow of energy. Her body will commuincate.LISTEN.

Two-Lips- Gently part her puter lips with both of your tumbs and caress them in circular motions for atleast 2 minutes. Next slide your thumbs up and down her outer lips until they are spread apart, and then do the same with her inner lips so use less pressure. Watch her body language and for swelling of her vaginal lips which is a natural progression when a woman is sexually aroused.

Female Genital Massage- On female genitals, you might want to use a water based lubricant because if oil gets in the vagina it can cause irritation. Put the lube in your hands and rub together. Make sure its warmed a little to not to shock her with cold substance. Start by focusing on the vulva, which is outsige the visible area of the vagina, Then gently rub around her vaginal lips all the way down to her anus. Usong the pad of your thumb trace the outside of her anus and slowly slide your thumb up the landing strip(perineum) from the anus to her vaginal opening. 


Stay Tuned for Bi-Gasm, Mindful Masturbation,Naked Yoga for Two, And Your Millon Dollar Point (the taint,the male g-spot and the p-spot) and so much more.

Your Certified Sexpert, Sex Coach,Muse and Discrete Busty Girlfriend

Kimilla Cole