Urban Kama Sutra For Men

Wait why are you not a Kama Sutra Man? If you really knew what women wanted in the bedroom you would be blown away what kind of pleasure she can have and if you are a man who gets more turned on by giving women pleaasure. This is for you. If you are only concerned about your own needs and pleasure you are missing out on being a Kam Sutra Man.

This is what you will learn in my Tantra Sessions beyond a bodywork session.

1. Foundations of Breast Massage for Men

2. Foundations of Yoni Massage for Men

3.How to be a sex God for Men

4. Tantra Sexual Mastery Level 1

5. Tantra Sexual Mastery Level 2

6. Microcosmic Orbit Orgasm for Men

7. Tantra Edging for men(controlling ejactulation)

8. 3 part Tantra Breathwork

9. 5 secrets for better Orgasms

10. Kiss Meditation

11. OYOGA for Couples

12. Alchemy Mediation

Can you imagine taking a women with all these skills and be best confident lover? You will never wonder again what she wants because she will be opened like a flower beggng for more. Be careful when you open a womens sexuality. Men always tell me she doesnt like sex. So be careful what you wish for because as soon as you are a Kam Sutra Man your wish will be a reality.

Remember that though I can teach you all this in a session. It takes time and practice to become s Sex God.

In Love and Light