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Kimilla Cole is a long time lover of education that has given her the path of true passion and soul purpose.

Licensed Skin Care Therapist/ License in Oregon,Washingtion, Nevada, California and Alaska

Licensed Wax Specialist( specializing in mens waxing)International Trainer for Nufree Mens Hair Removal and Grooming

Plastic Surgeon Skin Therapist/ Las Vegas, Nevada

Licensed Manicurist/License in Oregon,Washington,Nevada,California and Alaska

Certified Reflexologist, Licensed in Washington

Certified Hynotherapist/Certified Intimate Hypnosis/Erotic Hypnosis/ Northwest Hypnsois Academy Portland,Oregon

Certified Reiki Master/Internationally Trained 

Certified Holistic Sex Coach/ Creator of "Salibrious Sex" The Path to Sexual and Spiritual Fulfillment"

WombCare/ Energy Healing for Womans Reproductive System CARE

Certified Intuitive Tantra Practitioner/Experience the Art of Sacred Sensulity

Certified World Tantra Practitioner/Association of World Tantra Practitioners

Certified Kundalini Energetics Therapis/ Kundalini Yoga Academy

Certified Thai Yoga Bodyworker/SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (Member and Minister of Native American Indigenous Church)

Certified Tradiional Thai Spiritual Bodywork (Thai Massage Nuad Boran) A system of massage that deals with energy, yoga stretches and pressure points.

Certified Urban Kama Sutra for Men (Pslam Isadora) Sex and Relationship Expert

Certified "Porn Yoga"Practitioner Joseph Kramer Sexological

Certified Acupressure Therapist/ Oregon School of Massage

Certified Yoga Renew Yoga Teacher 200 hrs/ YogaRenew San Diego, California

Certified Orgasmic Yoga Teacher

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Transformational Life Coach

Certified Holistic And Wellness Life Coach/ Nesta Academy

Certified Vegan and Raw Food Consultan/t Living Food Academy Eureka,Californa

Certified Chakra Balancing Practitioner 

Intuitive Body Therapist Portland, Oregon

Licensed Spa Therapist International Dermal Institute

Certified Physio/Spiritual Massage Therapist/ Universal Life Church Minister

Certified Massage Therapist (State of Califorina)

Certified Relaxtion Therapist/ Strafford Career College

Fusion Tantra Certified Practitioner/ Costa Rica

Certified Tantra Mastery for Men/ Orgasmic Empowerment for Women/ Legendary Lovers/ Helen Nista Academy of Tantra Austraila

Millionaire Yoga Therapist Dr.Pilla Academy of Spiritual Science and Yoga/ Costa Mesa. Ca

Certified Goddess Diksha Energy Transfer/ Dubai 

Certified Siddhi Master/Sedona Arizona

Sex Magic Power Energy Attunement Master(this is a highly protected field of energy work) Ramon Martinez Intsitute of Energy Healing/ Spain

Certified Sexological Bodyworker/ Certified Sexpert and Sex Coach Lovelogy University (Licensed in The State of California)

Bondassage (for lovers at home) 

Sensual Domme-ssage Pracitioner/Tantra with Sensual Domme/ Psychology of Fetish

Certified Sexual Surrogate (State of California)

The Institute of Advanced Human Sexology and The Institute for Somatic Sexology/Sexual Surrogate

Peer Wellness Specialist and Substance and Abuse Counselor with Holistic Yoga/ Portland, Oregon

Bachelors of Metaphysical Science,B.Msc. and Masters of Metaphysical Science,M.Msc/ University of Sedona

My PROUDEST DEGREE! Doctor of Philosophy, PH.D., specializing in Metaphysical/Holistic Counseling.

YES. I am really am a Doctor and I proudly display that and open to you as a client/patient.

Come learn a beautiful life of bliss and passion, MIND, Body and Soul......


Kimilla Cole

Sacred Intimate,Tantra Therapist and Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical/Holistic Counseling, PH.D