Will I receive Tantra session?

Yes and No. Everything I do is based on the principles of Tantra (though technically not a religion but a way of life) It is my soul purpose to live a Tantric life so anyone that shares time and energy with me will be in a tantra experience. Its all ENERGY. We are Energy.

Can I book a massage to start?

Yes and No, I am not a licensed massage therapist in the state of Oregon. I am certified in over 20 different healing modalities. My Art is healing Art and Energy Medicine. My basis of bodywork is Tantra which is similar to massage but I do not think you can compare the two.

I do find ths is a great way to get to know me and be in my presense. I am always excitied to work on clients in this way.

Can I date you ouside of your profession?


At this current time in my life I am focused on family and my education building my business and traveling. I find my time to be limitied in the normal dating world. That being said if you are interested in long term arrangements and regular schedule this can be discussed to ft your needs and my schedule.

Can I fly you out?


I always love to travel, see new places and explore new cities. Though my time is precious to me. I request 50% donation upfront before I even think of going through TSA.

Are you really a Certified Sexpert?


I really am. I have taken many college level classes and am certified to teach in sexological bodywork, intimacy and relationships. No I do not always vomit that all over you when we are on a date but if you need advice or education on these topics. I got you covered.


What is your Covid protocol?

I am extremely low volume and selective who I share my time with. My immunity and health is extremely important to me. I take great pride in my wellness. I hope you are the same. Please come to me when you feel 100 percent healthy. When you arrive please use restroom and wash hands, shower if needed and gargle with medical grade mouthwash before we escape reality.

I will never see then more than one person in a day and will always be healthy so you can feel comfortable. 

Stay Healthy