"It's Always Words That Undress You"


Pacific NorthWest Private Lingerie Model and Tantra Companion

I am delighted that you found be in this beautiful corner of the World. If you are seeking a beautiful, refined and educated private model, you have found her. I am excited to invite you, to book me as your own private model for dinner,concerts,exclusive arrangements and so much more. 

I know that you are searching for a real connection with an enlightened lady. Nothing is more attractive then engaging in all our senses. The sexiest part of a woman, is her brain. Is it possible to have beauty,brains and unbridled passion. Yes, and she awaits your undivided attention.

As a well estabalished model,adult actress,tantra therapist and elite private lingerie model. I have had the opportunity to live all over the world and play,train,love and explore in the world of the elite. I have landed back safely in the Pacific Northwest and have found my best lovers hiding under umbrellas and columbia sportswear.I am a Scorpio and a SapioSexual. What Can I Say? I found my perfect place to play. 

I cater to an exceptional private clientele. I am seen to be incredibly well dressed in public and discreet, this can be challenging as I have a body of a wonderland. Only the most confindent men can usually handle this much body. I do not draw attention, I immerse a room with my beautiful and positive energy.

As this world engulfs us with more mundane things to accomplish, I am so grateful to share memorable,stimulating and sensual moments together. A Private Model is here to brighten every area of your life and send you back into the world as a better man. Shall we begin........

In Love and Light







As a woman of substance, beauty and intelligence, I exclusively accommodate discerning gentlemen who desire to spend quality time together with unsurpassed personal service.

I'm regarded by my close friends as an extraordinary rare treasure within a sea of ordinary. As a consummate professional with the ability to reach multiple heights, I possess the unique talent of being 'Aquatically Gifted'. Much like fine champagne, the fun just begins once it's reached its peak and the cork is ready to be popped. There is no denying the magical effect this has on my gentlemen suitors.

I am uncomplicated, yet complicated, but that's not for you to discern. A chameleon by nature, I embrace being a confident woman with an elegant demeanor of sophistication, commingled with quick wit and a passion to live life to the fullest. I have a very lighthearted playful side to me and it serves as my reminder not to take life too seriously.