By contacting me for any session , you agree to understand the terms on my website. Disclaimer: Somatic Sex Education/Coaching and Sexological Bodywork as well as Tantra Yoga is not  psychotherapy or medical treatment. We do not dispense psychogical or medical diagnosis,advice or services. The services discussed herein do not in any or relate to either engagement in any lewd act for for money or other consideration, solicitation, offer or agreement in any leed act for money or other consideration for illegal acts.

I do not offer massage therapist. My body work is Tantra.

As a legal escort I only accept gifts and donations for social companionship .My relationships are sugar baby,and mistress in nature. As a elite model companion you will often see me on a date at dinner,movie,golfing,concert,wedding or business event. 60 minutes of social time is a requirement to establish social companionship. Whatever may happen between consenting adults in a relationship is of personal preference. In Tantra all bodywork is performed with wheel of consent by Sexlogical Bodywork Association. I have legal representation and I know my rights.  I am always interested in long term arrangements and relationships as a private companion mistress.

SugarBaby Dating= Friends dating through funding(preferably long term)

Escort Dating= Bigger focus on companionship and outings(short term and or long term)

Tantra Bodywork= Spiritual Bodywork (can open your life to living in the present moment)

Any persons who contact me with any illegal requests will be automatically black listed and blocked.